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kelvin ong

With more than ten years of experience in inline skating, Kelvin founded Roll & Tell to make inline skating accessible to both children and adults in an enjoyable and safe environment. With a background in competitive skating and coaching, Kelvin is known for his patience and positivity, always willing to go the extra mile to help others realize their aspirations and achieve their goals.

Certified by the Inline Certification Program International (ICPI), he brings a wealth of experience in teaching inline skating across a range of educational settings, including Kindergartens, Primary and Secondary Schools, International Institutions, and Universities.



Trial Lesson

$40 / lesson

– 45 minutes class

– Includes rental of skates and protective gears

Beginner Course

$350 / 8 lessons

– Level 1 to 3
– 1 hour per lesson

Learn to skate in just one lesson!

Our Beginner Course is a great way for you to kickstart your skating journey as we focus on building up strong fundamentals for skating.

At the end of 8 lessons, you will be able to start skating, turning and stopping through our fun and safe program!

Intermediate Course

$350 / 8 lessons

– Level 4 to 6
– 1 hour per lesson
– Students can only join after completing Beginner Course

Learn many variations of turning and stopping techniques that can be used for different situations here in our Intermediate Course.

Whether you are just cruising along a park, residential area, city or everything in between, there is always a skill that can be used more effectively when you need to speed up, turn, slow down or stop.

Experience for yourself our progressive skating curriculum that can help you learn all these skills easily and safely to help you have a better and fun skating journey!

Advanced Course

$350 / 8 lessons

– Level 7 to 9
– 1 hour per lesson
– Students can only join after completing Intermediate Course

Here at our Advanced Course, learn to utilize your edges and upper body coordination to further develop your skills.

The techniques taught in our Advanced Course will guide and enhance your fundamentals, while improving your flow with several backward skating techniques and fancy transitions to create your own style of skating. You will be more confident on skates and urban terrain, as well as open up skating as a possible avenue for fitness and specializations.

Rise up to the challenge and come try out our Advanced Course.

Specialization Course

$380 / 8 lessons

– Students can only join after completing Advanced Course

Slalom, Slide, Aggro, and Inline Floorball, choose from our four disciplines to push yourself to your limits and bring your skating skills to a whole new level!

Private Lesson

$550 / 8 lessons

– Recommended for adults & youths

Additional Items

– Progression booklet: $25 / booklet

– Rental of skates and protective gears: $20 / session

– Kindly proceed to purchase these items over the counter